Ochoa Stained Glass

Custom Glass Artworks and Stained Glass Restoration

Our Services


We are happy to discuss the scope of your project in person in order to provide a free cost estimate. This may require a site visit to ensure a full understanding of what will be required to complete the creation and/or installation of your one of a kind custom glass artwork.


We will work closely with you to provide a full scale design for your project that meets your approval and our structural standards.


We attempt to include all materials in the original cost estimate. And we will guide you during the design and fabrication processes to best optimize the vision for your unique piece and then work to secure the chosen materials to meet the original projected cost. You will always be notified in advance during the process if something you have asked for will affect the finished price and we will get your approval before doing anything that adds cost to your finished product.


Each custom glass artwork is hand crafted and comes with our professional guarantee that it will be structurally sound to last for generations.


Want us to install your new artwork or remove an existing piece? No problem! We’ve got the tools and the team to handle the task.


Need your piece shipped? We can pack it securely and arrange for it to be delivered to your desired location and ensure its safe arrival.