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Ochoa Stained Glass Artists created a custom geometric design utilizing imported clear textured glass, translucent colored waterglass and opalescent ambers to illuminate the clere story entryway panel of this lovely home in Oro Valley.


This gorgeous glass mosaic tables appears to float inside a liquid layer of glass and creates a kaleidoscope of color for any interior home or office space. The table created in partnership with one of Tucson's finest metal fabricator's is currently available for sale in our studio. Contact us for pricing.

This miniature fireplace screen created by Ochoa Stained Glass in collaboration with fine metal sculptor Lynn Rae Lowe of LoweCoMotion Inc. illustrates how metal and glass can come together to create extraordinary adornments for your home interior and office. Contact us for pricing on a custom glass and metal fireplace screen for your home or office.

This miniature garden gate is the collaborative creation of Ochoa Stained Glass Artists and Lynn Rae Lowe of LoweCoMotion Inc., a prolific Tucson-based international sculptor working in bronze, aluminum, steel and paper. Together glass and metal can offer many full scale fine art works to adorn the exterior of your home and garden. Contact us for pricing on a custom glass and metal gate or sculpture to beautify your home exterior and garden.


Ochoa Stained Glass Artists successfully worked long distance with clients from the Northeast corner of Maine who were having a fabulous winter get-away custom built in the foothills of Tucson's Catalina Mountains to create a series of Southwest Indian Geometric designs for their entryway sidelights, a courtyard panel and the stained glass shutters in the master bathroom. Client design phase approvals, glass selection and installation were set up via e-mail in cooperation with the client's custom builder.

This simple geometric-based design, approximately 4 square feet in total size, was commissioned by a winter visitor from the Midwest as a gift for her Mother. Ochoa Stained Glass Artists designed a dramatic Southwest Indian glass art piece utilizing a combination of translucent colors, and clear textures framed in copper.

Arched panels are often used to create architectural interest in many of the Southwest home designs and custom stained glass can help you personalize the home to reflect your own décor and style. This panel, has a Mexican Colonial feel and utilizes a combination of opalescent and translucent glass to help filter the intensity of the southern sun that comes pouring through year-round.

Arabesque forms, fashioned from concrete are another frequently used architectural element incorporated in Southwest home designs. These unique shapes provide the perfect opportunity for customizing your personal décor with a glass art piece like the one shown here designed using clear textured glass and wispy red/amber waterglass to mirror the intricate wood carvings on the entryway door nearby.

This half circle panel was the perfect place for Ochoa Stained Glass Artists to help this client personalize her home with an abstract floral design that tied in to her contemporary/oriental décor.

Yet another common arch-shaped panel utilized in Southwest home design is personalized by a client who had a need to filter the blaring sun pouring in year-round in this western-facing window. Ochoa Stained Glass Artists worked with the client to recreate the view outside their home, rendered in opalescent art glass.

A three-panel art glass mural, created by Ochoa Stained Glass Artists for a home in the lovely Saddlebrooke community, depicts a favorite Southwest desert scene where an eagle soars in the clouds, high above the mountain peaks. Clients wanted chose this unique window treatment as a means of filtering the intensity of the light coming through this western-facing window.

These two octagonal-shaped panels were the perfect place for Ochoa Stained Glass Artists to utilize fused glass nuggets and blown glass rondels with a mixture of opalescent, wispy and translucent colored glass, along with some clear textured glass in these abstract geometric designs commissioned for a home in the Catalina Foothills.

In this glass art piece, commissioned to partition off a portion of the newly-remodeled kitchen in a prairie-style bungalow in a historic urban neighborhood near the U of A, Ochoa Stained Glass Artists utilize a floral design with an oriental flare as the focal point, choosing a clear textured glass as a background that dramatically adds to the effect.

Hand-rolled fracture-streamer and opalescent art glass from some of the world's leading art glass manufacturer's are utilized in this Ochoa Stained Glass design to bring this fire-breathing Dragon to life for a client who commissioned this piece as a reward celebrating a milestone in his life.

Two custom fabricated Frank Lloyd Wright inspired clere story panels are installed as an overlay using window/door caulk to seal the custom stained glass panels into place in front of the existing insulated glass panels for a home in the Saddlebrooke retirement community.

Clear imported textured glass is mixed with translucent colored waterglass in this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design fabricated by Ochoa Stained Glass Artists for the entryway sidelight for a home in the Saddlebrooke retirement community.
This series of four abstract geometric design utilizing clear textures, hand-made fracture/streamer glass, blown glass rondels, bevels and lead came was designed and created by Genia for the 2003 Tucson Museum of Art's Designer Showhouse.

Gyrating Green Abstract

Pulsating Purple Abstract

Bouncing Blue Abstract

Rolling Red Abstract

Vineyard Vibrancy

Deco Drama

Fused Glass Abstract Tabletop

9-Panel Fused Glass Wall Art

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