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Welcome to Ochoa Stained Glass, a custom stained glass art studio and showroom where our professional stained glass artisans are dedicated to creating custom-designed commercial, residential and liturgical stained glass art, kiln-formed glass art, and glass mosaic art. Our expert artisans also restore stained glass treasures with skill and craftsmanship.

Ochoa Stained Glass, Tucson, AZ

Ochoa Stained Glass was established in 1975 in sun-bathed Tucson, the heart of Southern Arizona, in the desert southwest of the United States. The beauty of custom stained glass art comes to life in our desert paradise where we enjoy over 350 days of sunshine each year. This phenomenon has attracted some of our nation's best stained glass artists and enthusiasts. The artisans of Ochoa Stained Glass have been creating some of the most beautiful custom stained glass artworks in the region for more than 30 years.

Owner/Artist Genia Parker

Owner/Artist Genia Parker purchased Ochoa Stained Glass after moving to Tucson from St. Louis, Missouri in early 2000. Genia is among the thousands who continue to select Tucson for its natural beauty and never-ending sunshine! Genia became interested in purchasing Ochoa Stained Glass while looking for a business that would allow her to use her 25 years of marketing business experience and express her aesthetic and creative talents. Ochoa Stained Glass was the perfect mix! After purchasing the business in March of 2000, Genia apprenticed with the previous owner for over 6 months. Genia, a stained glass artist and glass art designer, works very closely with clients as well as Ochoa Stained Glass artists to create stunning custom-designed commercial, residential and liturgical glass art. Genia is a member of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) as an Industry Partner. She has been the recipient of two prestigious ASID Design Excellence Awards. In 2005, she received Second Place for Product Design, for one of her glass art shutter designs. And in 2006, Ochoa Stained Glass again received recognition for its outstanding design work with a Merit Award for Product Design for a custom fused glass tabletop design.

Genia has also participated as an artisan in several of the Tucson Museum of Art League's Designer ShowHouse events, a fundraiser that benefits the Tucson Museum of Art. The Designer ShowHouse events offer area interior designers, landscapers, craftsman, and artisans the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to ticket holders in a Tucson area home. Genia's "Rolling Abstracts" were featured in the Designer ShowHouse 2003. She created a beautiful Romanesque Bathroom panel entitled, "Vineyard Vibrancy," for an Italian-inspired bedroom in the Designer ShowHouse 2005. Genia�s work and the work of Ochoa Stained Glass artists was again featured in Designer ShowHouse 2007-Quinta Ladero an 8,100 square foot home in Villa Toscana a new development in the Catalina Foothills. She created a custom Art Deco skylight that added real drama to the Home Theatre created by ASID Interior Designer Sharmin Pool-Bak. And an extraordinary 9-panel lighted fused glass wall art piece was featured in ASID Interior Designer Diana Patterson's hall bath turned into the euphemistic "Library", along with a beautiful glass art skylight that complemented the wall art piece for this unusual "reading room."

Vineyard Vibrancy

Deco Drama

"My favorite thing about owning this business is that we create beautiful things for beautiful places," Genia explained.


We're fortunate to have a group of artisan/craftsmen working with us who have decades of experience and a diverse creativity-from renowned glass artist Paul Hart, who owned and operated his own custom glass art studio in the established artist colony of Tubac, Arizona for over a dozen years, to those who trained and apprenticed right here at Ochoa Stained Glass, honing their skills and nurturing their creative expression with the expert guidance of the master craftsman who built the business over the past 30 years.

Sherry Miranda, who moved to Tucson from Cottonwood, Arizona in 2005, was attracted to the Ochoa Stained Glass Studio and Gallery operation as a glass artist seeking to grow and develop her skills and artistry. She received her initial glass art training at Yavapaii Community College in 2003 with an experienced glass art instructor from the artist colony of Jerome, Arizona.

Mark Foyt started taking classes at the Ochoa Stained Glass Studio in 2001. Mark is an accomplished architectural draftsman by day and dedicated glass artisan/craftsman in his spare time. After successfully completing all classes/workshops and clinics offered in our studio, Mark began working on glass art restorations and became one of the glass art craftsman who fabricate the custom designs created by Ochoa Stained Glass.


Desiree May is a native Arizonan who first became interested in the glass arts in 1987. She studied stained glass at the Ochoa Stained Glass Studio and Gallery in 2000 and successfully completed several classes before joining the staff as an artisan in 2002. She was Director of Studio Operations for more than 4 years and served as an instructor of all glass art classes, workshops and demonstrations during that time. Desiree has created hundreds of custom glass artworks and restored many a stained glass treasure during the time she has been a part of the Ochoa Stained Glass staff.


Ochoa Stained Glass Artists have the depth and experience to create the custom glass art you want for your home, business or place of spiritual worship. Please contact us about your next custom glass art project to find out more.

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